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Clover?s Takumi? Knitting Needles are made with only the highest quality bamboo. And not only are the best materials used, there?s a very involved process in the manufacturing of these masterpieces. Bamboo is a strong and elastic material with hardy fiber. Its smooth surface and comfortable fitting are the most suitable for knitting needles. And to ensure we provide you with the best possible needles, only selected parts of bamboo are used. First Clover starts with bamboo grown in cold climates with little snow. The bamboo in these areas is hard and has high resilience against bending. Then they select only mature material. Bamboo less than three years old is too soft, and if it?s more than five years old it has fragile fibers. Clover uses only appropriate-age bamboo that is rigid. When it?s time to cut the bamboo, it?s done only in the winter when there is less moisture to cause spots and mold, and when the fiber construction is compact. And once the bamboo is cut, only suitable parts for knitting needles are used. Only thick bamboo with a wide interval of gnarls are used, as are compact, hard, and tough portions just under the skin. (Gnarls are knotty protuberances or swelling on the bamboo.) Clover?s superb processing technology ensures the needles are created with even thickness in the shaft and with a smooth finish. Several polishing steps using a fine abrasive creates this finish that allows yarn to slide smoothly. The point of the needles is round and even with a delicate finish so it won?t splinter and split the yarn. Such careful consideration in the manufacturing process ensures that you?ll have needles that are comfortable to use and that will provide you with years of knitting pleasure. For you, only the best!

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